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Oil change on the spot, no appointment necessary.

Oil change on the spot!
No appointment necessary. We work hard to make your life easier!

At Pneus et Mécanique St-Laurent, we know that a well lubricated automobile will last much longer.

Most car manufacturers recommend changing the motor oil every three months or 5,000 km because it starts losing its lubricating properties as soon as it is exposed to the engine's heat and internal pressure.

Engine and chassis inspection










As for transmission fluid, whether the car is automatic or standard, it not only lubricates internal components, it cools them as well. As kilometers accumulate, transmission fluid breaks down and gradually loses its lubricating properties. Furthermore, the normal wear of surrounding components causes an accumulation of particles. The fluid will hence be less able to correctly perform its work.

With today's complex and high performing engines, respecting your car's maintenance schedule is a must. And we have the expertise to properly guide you!

Oil change on the spot


At Pneus et Mécanique St-Laurent, keeping your car in top shape is a snap!